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上個禮拜老公很高興的說,他買了一本書,ACL2 Applicative Common Lisp Computer-aided reasoning and Approach, 是市立圖書館找不到,唯一在史丹佛圖書館有。他找這本書找了很久,Amazon跟ebay都找過了,看這本書的人實在太少,硬裝版要兩百多元,買不下去。他上網找到一家,買soft copy 只要二十元(完全合法)。昨天早上收到書,下午就接到電話問書到了沒,晚上回家第一句話就是,我的書在哪裡?老婆小孩都沒問,只問書。星期五晚上本來連教會都不想去,只想在家看書,好不容易在淫威之下被逼去,一回家就黏著書看到半夜,連老婆都不看。


Hungry & Sleepy

Ever been in a situation where you are hungry in the morning, need to wake up, yet you don’t feel like waking up?

I wished the bed was made of food! Once you finish eating the bed, you are left without a bed to wake up from. That’s buy one get one free deal~~!

Just some random thoughts on a Saturday morning….

Swivel chair

While shopping at IKEA, Rebecca was fascinated by this swivel chair for kids.

You can sit, not “on”, but “in” the chair, and you can close the hood so nobody can disturb you while you are inside. As Rebecca enjoyed this toy furniture, I couldn’t help but think how many grown-ups would love to have an adult-size version of the chair at home. Just close the hood and you can have your little quiet and personal space. It gives you a sense of security and lets you forget the daily troubles for a while.

How come nobody manufactures the chair for adults? Perhaps people are too “mature” for this kind of toy that some people rather choose cigarettes, alcohol or drugs to escape the (sometimes) cruel realities of life? What do you think? Would you buy such a chair for yourself if it were available and affordable? :)

Dental appointment

Today I had my routine dental appointment. In the dentist office, I realized that they have installed a brand new LCD monitor in front of the patient’s chair. The state-of-the-art equipment can show you the X-ray results, as well as pictures of your teeth. This really helps you in understanding, in a graphical manner, what’s going on with your teeth.

But that’s not all. Before proceeding with the cleaning, the doctor asked me if I liked Seinfield. It turns out that the same monitor can be used to display popular TV series and sitcoms. (Maybe this sort of entertainment helps the patient feel less anxious during the dental cleaning procedure? Who knows?).

Well, it was indeed entertaining. However, I soon realized that I made a terrible choice. You can’t really laugh at the jokes because you have all these instruments in your mouth! Everytime I hear a good joke, I had to force myself not to laugh, for fear that the doctor would make a mistake during the procedure.

I guess whoever came up with the TV idea never really had a dental procedure while he was watching a sitcom.

Maybe next time they should install a dental chair that can give massages instead…. :)

Conservation of energy

As I was driving tonight, I saw dozens of people running on treadmills and doing exercises. A big fluorescent sign on the front of the building said “24-hour gym” (meanwhile, I was heading towards the nearest McDonald’s to grab a quick cheeseburger with bacon,…. but let’s not get there…)

I started wondering about this whole gym business. Isn’t it a big waste of energy to run on an electrically powered treadmill? I mean, you are spending energy by moving your muscles and burning calories. At the same time, the treadmill is spending energy by powering those electric motors. Wouldn’t it be better to convert those treadmills into a generator (a dynamo) so that the person running on it actually *generates* electricity? You can store the generated electricity into a battery and use it for other purposes or, if there is any left-over energy, you could actually sell it to the utility company!

How about creating a gym where people gets paid for using the treadmills? It’s a win-win situation because:

  1. The users gets to burn those excess fat in their bodies, they get paid for doing what they want and they will have monetary incentive to work out.
  2. The gym get has a lower electricity bill (if any at all) and its new profit comes from selling electricity to the utility companies. Customer retention should be easier than before.

Well, let me know if you ever see any gym like this. :-)